Apex Bail Bonds Sets a Remarkable Record: Posting $250,000 Bond in Under 2 Hours in Greensboro, NC

GREENSBORO, NC – Apex Bail Bonds, a licensed bail bonds service, maintains a strong track record of efficiently posting substantial bail bonds, even in challenging circumstances. Their recent achievement of posting a $250,000 bond in just 2 hours in Greensboro reflects their commitment to delivering prompt bail bond services, which is not an isolated incident. Apex Bail Bonds has demonstrated its capacity to handle substantial bonds, including posting two $500,000 bail bonds in Wentworth within a single day and bonds reaching as high as $1 million.

Apex Bail Bonds recognizes the financial challenges of securing large bonds and is well-prepared to assist. The company strategically deploys multiple bondsmen across North Carolina to expedite the process of posting six and seven-figure bonds, acknowledging the urgency that often accompanies these situations. They provide bail bond services around the clock and maintain a convenient office near the Rockingham County Jail, ensuring accessibility for those seeking assistance with bail bonds.

Apex Bail Bonds extends its services to cover a wide range of charges, including but not limited to drug-related offenses, murder charges, immigration issues, DUIs, larcenies, thefts, and assaults. Recognizing the potential sudden and substantial financial implications of bail, Apex offers competitive rates in North Carolina. Moreover, they provide the option of customizable financing plans featuring 0% interest, transparent pricing, and a variety of payment choices.

Fred Shanks, owner of Apex Bail Bonds, shared, “In these trying times, every second counts. We’re here to ensure that families can reunite with their loved ones as quickly as possible. Our recent achievement underscores our promise to be the fastest, most reliable bail bond service in the region.”

Apex Bail Bonds offers a straightforward bail process for clients, aiming to simplify the proceedings. Individuals can initiate the process by contacting them via phone or visiting their office near Rockingham County Jail. Experienced bondsmen can assist with inquiries, paperwork, and establishing personalized payment plans tailored to each client’s circumstances. Once all necessary formalities are addressed, the company promptly posts the bail, facilitating the defendant’s release. Charges typically fall within 10% to 15%, with each case individually assessed.

Apex Bail Bonds is committed to delivering reliable bail bond services, striving to assist the Greensboro community. For residents seeking more information about Apex Bail Bonds’ services or in need of guidance regarding the bail process, they can submit an inquiry through the Contact form on the company’s website at https://www.apexbailbond.com/greensboro-nc.

About Apex Bail Bonds

Apex Bail Bonds is a licensed bail bonding company authorized to provide services in North Carolina and Virginia. Their strategically located offices near the Rockingham County Jail facilitate efficient service delivery. Apex Bail Bonds cater to a broad spectrum of charges, encompassing drug trafficking, domestic violence, identity theft, white-collar crimes, and various others. Founded and led by Fred Shanks, IV, the company maintains a round-the-clock presence, even during holidays, with agents available to assist. Apex Bail Bonds is recognized for its industry knowledge and holds affiliations with respected organizations, including the Bail Bonds Network, the North Carolina Bail Agents Association, and the VA Bail Association.

The physical address for Apex Bail Bonds is 101 S Elm St Suite 80, Greensboro, NC 27401.

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Apex Bail Bonds
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